Birth Photography

Mums-to-be are increasingly embracing the value of having a professional birth photographer capture the journey of one of the biggest events of their lives. What most people don’t realise is the true value of this photography. If you want to remember the celebrations, the hormones, the intense growth, raw emotions and the amazing ability of the human body to transform and produce another life…then you really need to hire a professional birth photographer.

I have completed many workshops and training with renowned birth photographers in Australia and New Zealand and captured over 20 births locally in Rockhampton. I absolutely love being part of this magical moment and truly amazed how our bodies can transform and endure so much pain and produce the miracle of life. I would do Birth Photography as full time career if I had the opportunity!

The documentation of birth in the hospital setting is subject to hospital policy and staff permission. We can provide you with letters to forward onto your care-provider if you require them indicating your request for a professional birth photographer. It’s important for care-providers to see that birth photography is a consumer driven service and is valued as a birth choice.

In the event of a caesarean section, photographic documentation can not be guaranteed and is subject to hospital and staff approval. Certain hospitals and care-providers are more accepting of birth photography in theatre than others. It is important to discuss this issue with us and your hospital prior to booking your birth photography session.

Our Birth Photography includes a pre-consultation meeting to discuss your upcoming birth

24/7 on call from 38 weeks until your baby is born

Documentary coverage of labour, delivery and post-partum stages

All images delivered via an online gallery

Studio Thirtytwo partners with Fred n Bear to offer custom sketches. Add a personalised printed sketch of your favourite birth photo for an additional $65.

Birth ~ $2500

Maternity, Birth & Newborn Package ~ $3000 (save $400)