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Aromatherapy Massage

Whether you're in pain or fancy some pampering, your body will thank you after 60 minutes of solid gold TLC with this full body aromatherapy massage. Using essential oils to relax, rebalance or uplift, you'll be taken on a sensory journey to have you blissed out in no time. Start by deeply breathing in the essential oil chosen for your journey. Then relax, as the scent of the oil fills the air and Carmen gently works to relax your body.
Using Swedish massage techniques to rebalance and promote a feeling of wellbeing and calm, you'll be rejuvenated and glowing in no time.

60 minute massage ~ $100

Oil Blends

Our oil blends have been created using Young Living essential oils and mixed with natural ingredients so they can invigorate your senses and transform your day. We have an array of roll-ons or sprays that will help you get through your hectic day.
Choose from: Calm, Sleepy, Headache/Migraine Relief, Sniffles Be Gone, Stress Away, Dragon Time (period pain), Tummy Tamer (little tummies), Immune Booster, Abundance Be Mine, Ground Me, Pain Away, Focus, Motivate Me, I've Got This, Linen Spray, Car Spray, Room Spray, Cold & Flu Spray, Bug Off Spray and All Purpose Cleaner Spray

All blends ~ $10 each